Cannot convert contour document to pipeline

I needed to do a more complex filter than can be made in pipeline builder so I was able to work it out in Contour. But when I then click to convert to a pipeline builder it shows me error “TABLE transformation is not supported by the converter.”. I do start this Contour with a virtual table which I assume is the problem. How can I resolve. I suppose I can make some other step to make the table into a proper data source? This will be a longer term production so I dont want to have to be refreshing anything, was hoping to just use from the table…

By “more complex” I’m assuming you mean you had to use the Expression Board in Contour? Short of the Expression Board, all filters you can do in Contour can be done in Pipeline Builder. You’re welcome to share details if you’d like some pointers or suggestions.

Without a screenshot, it’s hard to say which board is causing the error. But in general, not all boards are supported by the conversion tool. Notably, I don’t think the Expression Board is supported.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the input being a Virtual Table.

I should have included more detail. Yes I needed an expression board to produce a field based on another to be used in the filtering.

EDIT: Ultimately I think my roadblock is finding a way to use LEAD sql function in pipeline builder. It was allowed in contour. I would think that it not being on the expression functions picklist I should have to make it in a separate user function and use it there but that is where I’m hung up, it is confusing to me on how to do that. ref function needed looks like

lead(YEARMONTH, 1) over (partition by FACEID, BAND order by YEARMONTH)

The following Pipeline Builder Window expression should be equivalent to what you have in Contour. Note that I’m using the default value field instead of relying on a case/when statement. Based on what I’m seeing in your screenshot, it should accomplish the same thing.

This did work out for producing the subject field / value. My challenge now though is having to do with the actual filtering. I’m working on this in a workshop module. The complex filter I am trying to do will have to do with a selected value <= than X (an existing field from the data) but > than Y (field produced via the window function). I dont see that this kind of filter can be produced here.

I would add a filter board after you created the column with the window function. Then you can just deal with columns. It may be more clicks, but under the hood it should run the same.

Sorry to belabor this - put filter board in the pipeline? I want to use a parameter value for the filter value.

That looks right to me!

That is the example from the Contour I had originally made. How do I make this in a pipeline? I’m not seeing how to make a parameter in pipeline builder.

Oh, my bad. Here’s a gif of how you do it. Look for the (x) in the toolbar at the top.
CleanShot 2024-06-03 at 15.12.20