Chart aggregating line series instead of segmenting

I’m new to foundry, so I’m sure my problem is simplistic (but hopefully easy to solve!)

I am trying to chart col A divided by col B against fiscal year on a line chart. All of these columns are from the same dataset. The chart is currently showing the average of col A/col B across all years (i.e. a flat line), but I want it to show the average of col A/col B for each year.

Current set up: using two variables (col_A_var and col_B_var) and the divide feature in the line series of the chart. Each variable is an object set aggregation of col A and col B respectively. I attempted to use object property for the variables instead, but the value keeps coming up as undefined.

Any pointers/suggestions are appreciated!

Hi! I’m assuming you’re using Workshop, is that right?

In fact, you only need one variable (the object set you care about). You can create simple derived series in the Chart Widget’s configuration pane. In the screenshot below I’ve clicked into a layer of the chart and added a series – you probably had a Count series added by default when you made the chart. Then I created the two averages I needed. Finally, I divided one by the other and that’s the series that is displayed. Above, I’ve bucketed it by week – yours would be by year.

Does that answer your question @haley.smith?


That did the trick. Thank you so much!