Foundry workshop Form creation

Not able to submit the form with new input fields and values using action types and functions in the foundry workshop.

In Foundry workshop can we create the new form with input fields and values and those can displays in a object table in realtime?

Question originally asked by Santhosh San on Stack Overflow: (Foundry workshop Form creation - Stack Overflow)

You can create a form to create or update an object in workshop. You’ll need (1) the correct Action, which could be made using the no-code logic in the Ontology Manager app or using an edit function; and (2) a way of triggering the Action in Workshop – usually this is with the Button Group widget.

If you encounter an error when trying to submit the form, you’ll need to troubleshoot that specific error. For example, maybe your user doesn’t meet the submission criteria specified in the Action configuration. There are various reasons why an Action form may fail to submit, but it’s not possible to address them all in general terms.

Here are screenshots illustrating this answer:

Answer originally provided by Ontologize on Stack Overflow: (Foundry workshop Form creation - Stack Overflow)