8 hours to teach Foundry

If you had 8 hours to teach someone Foundry (Data Engineering background but no knowledge of Foundry at all) what topics would be on your lesson plan? What topics would you prioritize?

I would ingest data from some relational database, transform it in Pipeline Builder, check the data in Contour (charts, filters, etc.), observe the pipeline in Data Lineage and set up a build schedule, and then add documentation to the clean datasets.

For a single day, that’s probably a good start. You can substitute Code Repositories for Pipeline Builder if you need to teach them coding.

Also, if you want professional training, check out Ontologize – we’re former Palantir engineers who specialize in training Palantir’s customer and partners.

Thanks Taylor! How do you feel about prioritizing the topic of Ontology in addition to the topics listed above? Objects, linkages, writeback datasets, etc.

If they’re going to do data engineering and you only have 8h then I wouldn’t get into the Ontology

If they need to work on the Ontology, then I would teach them how to make two object types that are linked together, explain links in the same language you would explain joins in SQL, and then create a simple Action that edits an object property. Rig that up to a button in a Workshop app. For a very limited amount of time, that would give someone a taste of what they can do.

Ah, I’m realizing I may have misread your question. This isn’t about teaching Data Engineeing in Foundry – it’s about teaching a data engineer how to use Foundry. Got it.

In that case, I would very quickly cover Data Connection, Code Repositories and Data Lineage including Scheduling. I would then create a couple datasets and sync them to the Ontology as object types. I would then spend the rest of the day focused on the Ontology, using a toy Workshop app that writes back decisions as the teaching example. If possible, I would also cover Functions – both TypeScript and AIP Logic functions.