Events or Logs dataset?

My question here:

  • what is the best strategy to expose data when it deals to the lifecycle of an object?

For example, I have work orders (let’s say about maintenance). It goes through different steps/statuses where it can be on-hold, paused, ongoing,finalized, etc.

If I want to fully expose this data later through Workshops, Machinery, etc., how should I build it?

  1. Events dataset ( From/To timestamps for each period of time)
  2. Logs dataset (only 1 From timestamp for each step)

Is there any pros/cons on both solutions? Should I create both (the logs dataset becoming the output of the event dataset?

Thanks for your feedbacks!! :slight_smile:

Regardless of the approach, you will have an easier time of things if you have a start and end timestamp for each entity.

That said, can you elaborate a bit on how you are differentiating events vs. logs? I’m asking because I would typically assume events are derived from logs and you are implying the opposite for this situation.