How to handle object edits when backing dataset updates?

Can you help me on the possible outcome for write back dataset edits for below scenario?

Lets say, we have created tasks dataset using code repo having primary key (task_id) and schedule to build daily

task_id task_name task_comment
1 task_A null
2 task_B null
3 task_C null

Here task_comment column is hard coded to NULL in code. This column will be used in Workshop UI to record user comments.

Now we created object type and actions (modify) on tasks dataset. Also added task_writeback dataset for saving modifications. task_writeback dataset is used in Workshop UI via object table widget for viewing all rows and also for editing via object action (modify).

Users will be viewing each row and adding comment in task_comment column. So we want to preserve their comments till that task_id in present in input tasks dataset.

  1. What will happen to writeback edits next day during input tasks dataset build (lets say some new tasks are added and some tasks are removed). ??

  2. Will user added changes in task_comments removed from task_writeback if that task_id still exist in tasks dataset ?

  3. Also is there any other optimized way you recommend?