Workshop Export Options


Are there other ways to export data instead of a CSV in Workshop?

For instance, can you embed a document and then export as pdf?

We are in need of a “PDF” export from Workshop, instead of the generic CSV export option the button gives. Thoughts?

Does the PDF file already exist or are you creating it on the fly?

Here are a couple ideas:

  1. Attach the PDF to an object as the value for an attachment property. Then, users can view and download it (see video below). I don’t know why this uses a different PDF viewer that includes a download button, but it works.
  2. Provide a direct link to the file (e.g. use a Button that’s configured as a URL), which would work for a file in Compass or in a Dataset. Depending on the user’s browser settings, this should either preview the PDF in a new tab or download the PDF.

2024-02-20_23-02-56 (1)

Sorry, I should have clarified. We are trying to export data within Workshop by other means other than the CSV export default.

Is there a way to take our manually created / modified object and export it into something else? For instance, we can take the table within Workshop and export the table into a CSV – we want to export it into something else

Well, it’s still tabular, but you can do Excel instead of CSV pretty easily by using a Button that triggers an Export event when clicked.

Another option is to use Notepad Templates embedded in Workshop to generate a PDF of whatever you want and then let users export this. Unfortunately, it’s a two-click operation. This is what that looks like (ignore the new tab that opens – that’s an option I had configured for a previous example):
2024-02-21_07-40-38 (1)